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Stress, Ginseng and COVID

Ginseng helps the body fight stressors of all kinds.

Whether your stressor is home schooling, WFH, or just plain lockdown fatigue, it’ll help.

Siberian ginseng alters your hormone responses and the way your body responds to stress. It helps the body function as it should, despite lockdown stresses.

Herbs that do this are called adaptogens. They help the body ‘adapt’ the stress response, freeing you from being stuck in fight or flight as well as being stuck in lockdown.

Adaptogenic herbs also prevent and treat viral infections at all stages as well as speeding recovery by aiding immunity & detoxification, reducing inflammation, repairing cell damage and stopping the virus docking onto our cells.

The study referenced below found that the herbs studied can improve recovery from COVID, improve mental function and quality of life during convalescence.

They’re part of my current preventative stress/ immunity mix and I’m dispensing litres of it every week.

If only we could prescribe it on the NHS, then everyone could have it.

Do you think herbal medicine should be available on the NHS from qualified, experienced naturopaths and herbalists?



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