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A heart shaped bowl filled with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries

The food you eat provides the nutrients your brain and nervous system need to feel calm, energised and on top of your game.

If you had cereal, toast or granola for breakfast, your brain and body are running on empty, and you’ll need that coffee, diet coke, or sugar because your body is out of fuel.

Caffeine and sugar are nutritionally empty fuels that ‘wind up’ your nervous system. They make you more tired and liable to snap.

On top of that, you feel like a failure, because you’re trying to ‘be good’.

In terms of what we’ve actually been (erroneously) taught about food and health, ‘being good’ usually means depriving ourselves, being hungry and not eating enough.

It means we’re missing the nutrients we need to feel balanced and nourish our brain and nervous system. When your brain has no fuel, you can’t concentrate and remember stuff.

When your nervous system is wired, it’s so hard to be calm.

You don’t have to feel this way. Nourish your body properly and this feeling of being tired and wired will stop!

You’ll start to feel energised, enthusiastic and ‘on it’ again.

You think it’s the result of the pandemic, coping with all that stress for so long? People keep mentioning perimenopause too.

A woman's outstretched arm

I’m here to let you know you can fix this with food – you can create your own wellness every day in your kitchen!

Practically, sustainably, enjoyably – you CAN take control of the way that you feel.

Want to find out more and how I can help you? Book in for a FREE 30 minute call with me today.

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