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Ten Top Tips for Sound Sleep

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Sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing.

Many of us are unfortunate enough to suffer from sleep problems, irregularity or insomnia at some point in our lives.

The causes are vast and varied, but here are some simple things you can try if you are struggling with sleep.

  1. Stick to a ‘sleep schedule’ – go to bed at the same time, every night, and use the same routine – these are the ‘wind down’ signals to your body and mind.

  2. Use ‘worry time’ if you have something on your mind – dedicate 10 minutes every day to thinking through your worries. This gives you permission to worry, but keeps worry ‘in its’ box’.

  3. Ban screens from your bedroom, and stop using them 1 hour before lights out. This includes your phone!

  4. Get active during the day – you’ll sleep better.

  5. Cut caffeine. Completely. Anyone who suffers from insomnia shouldn't be having any at all. It will keep you awake, not to mention making you more anxious. Decaf coffee still contains theobromine, a stimulating chemical, so it is still detrimental to good sleep.

  6. Cut alcohol. Many, many studies have shown that alcohol leads to more restless and broken sleep.

  7. Eat carbohydrates for your evening meal, and have a small carbohydrate snack with a herbal tea, before retiring. Carbohydrates produce the sleepytime chemicals we need to fall asleep - protein keeps us awake.

  8. Make a list - if your mind ticks over things, write it all down before you go upstairs to bed. It gives your brain permission to 'let go' of information, as you won't be afraid you'll forget it.

  9. Have a warm bath, with epsom salts and lavender essential oil. Epsom salts are deeply, deeply relaxing for your muscles, and once you're physically relaxed, sleep comes easier. The lavender will relax you further and you can even put a few drops on your pillow.

  10. Have a relaxing herbal tea - I like Pukka herbs' Nighttime tea - delicious, and therapeutic-grade herbs. Really worthwhile. Don't forget to cover the cup as you let it infuse for the strongest effects.

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