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Adrenalin and your Inner Cavewoman

Adrenalin is a great if you’re a cavewoman; super helpful if secreted in short bursts – like when a lion appears. Your body then gets rid of that stress hormone as you fight the lion or run away.

Problem is, our stressors are not lions. They’re a long-term, relentless source of adrenalin.

A bit like Coronavirus has been, lurking in the background, seeping into our homes through the radio, or worse. We’ve been living this, sleeping with this, reading about this, fearing this invisible thing for over a year now.

As cavewomen, when the lion came, it was kill or be killed; either way, it was over pretty quickly. We dealt with it and moved on, in exactly the way our bodies were designed to.

With Covid, we have become accustomed to living in bodies flooded with adrenalin and cortisol, living in bodies flooded with stress hormones 24/7. Anxiety, depression, low mood, stress and other problems have soared as a result, and everything feels uncertain.

Except that you don’t want anti-depressants, but that is all that’s on offer from your GP, or a long wait for counselling.

There is another way. A powerful, proven way. It’s natural too, no medication required.

You can learn how to make yourself feel better, with things that are in YOUR control, whatever else happens.

You see, food can lift your mood, what you eat can reduce your anxiety and how you eat boosts your energy levels.

Safe, natural remedies calm frazzled nerves, restoring your resilience, surely and steadily.

Simple, quick coping strategies make you less anxious.

These things are all within your control. All you need is a guide – that’s where I come in.

Isn’t it time you knew how to look after your physical and mental health, yourself?

Learn how to take control of your health and book your FREE 30 minute call with me.

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