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A beautiful starlight meditation for you

This simple meditation uses a visual image as the focus, rather than the breath.

Find a comfortable place to sit, upright, with your hands resting gently in your lap. Close your eyes and turn your attention inwards, and just check how you're feeling today. Acknowledge any physical discomfort, or stresses and put the aside for now. Sometimes it helps to imagine rolling thoughts into a small ball that you know you will be able to return to later. Now breathe...send your inhalation to any part of your body that feels constricted, or uneasy.... as you breathe out let this area relax... feel yourself open.... expand.... let go. Once more allow yourself to expand as you breathe in... and let go as you breathe out. And one more time... Now imagine you are looking up at the night sky... you are outside, far away from any lights... and the sky is clear... and calm... you can see the stars shining against the backdrop of the night sky. You look over the whole sky... and you see every detail... every star... every nuance of colour in the blue-black sky you can see... let is surround you... sit within the expanse of the night sky. Breathe it in... the colour of the sky... the calmness and quiet of the sky... become one with the night sky... the expanse... the unlimited expanse of calm blue-black night sky. And breathe deeply... fully... taking the expanse into yourself and becoming a part of that calm, clear expanse of sky. Breathe... sit within it... become one with the night sky. Breathe. Focus. Just be. Sit for a few minutes breathing, absorbing the feelings of calm and clarity... When you're ready, allow yourself to come back... still relaxed, still open, knowing that infinite calm of the night sky has touched you, and remains within you... always

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