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Why Your Body is like a Table during Peri/Menopause

An old wooden table

Your body’s priority has always been to maintain balance.

Imagine a beautiful table, balanced for the last 40-odd years on the legs of hormones, food, an efficient liver and not too much stress.

The table still works when one or two of the legs are a bit shorter than the others. It may be a little wobbly, but you can still eat off it.

When one of those legs gets chopped in half, however, you can’t eat off that table any more. That missing leg is pretty stressful for your body, and weakens one of the other legs.

Maintaining balance becomes a big deal and the strength of the other 3 legs becomes much more important.

Your body is attempting to maintain balance while undergoing the significant physical change that is peri/menopause.

Support your other legs – not all your symptoms are down to hormones. Some of them result from stress in other areas of your life. Support your stress levels, your liver, eat really, really well and your table can balance on 3 strong legs.

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