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It’ll be glamorous. A chance to get dressed up. S***!

I was going on a girls afternoon out. To the races.

It was going to be a day off. Away from the kids. Away from work.

Just me and my school Mum friends and plenty of prosecco.

It’ll be glamorous. A chance to get dressed up. S***!

Those words make my heart sink. Because I have nothing to wear. A wardrobe that doesn’t fit. I don’t have anything glamorous. I don’t want to go shopping because I haven’t lost that weight yet.

I know – I’ll go keto for a couple of weeks. That always gets the weight off nice & quick.

And I can have cream for breakfast – with a little coffee to wake me up.

I do love cream.

Cheese for lunch. Not too much in the way of vegetables, but I can handle that for a short time.

Little bit of meat in a cream cheese sauce and a tablespoon of spinach for dinner.

Never mind that it isn’t good for me.

I need to be able to buy something for the races. Something glamorous.

2 weeks pass, and I’ve lost a stone.


I get my beautiful trouser suit. It’s gorgeous. I feel amazing in it, and I don’t worry about the fact that I can’t go to the loo on my own in it because it has a long zip down the back. It looks gorgeous. It shows off my waist and how slim I now am.

Problem is, prosecco doesn’t work with keto.

Nor does bread. Or broccoli.

So I quit Keto & I yo-yo straight back up again.

Next time I need something glam, guess what? That trouser suit does not fit me.

Why am I surprised?

I really shouldn’t be. I’ve been here a million times.

Fast forward to the present day. I got back into that trouser suit. It’s my ‘go-to’ for many occasions. It fits. And I don’t need to diet before I put it on.

I’ve finally learnt this lesson.

Let me share it with you, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as me.

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