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How Blood Sugar affects your Mood (and your Waistline)

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Did you know that the food you’re eating can cause your body to produce unnecessary stress hormones and prompt excessive fat storage?

Are you:

  • Unable to concentrate

  • Reliant on coffee and/or Diet Coke

  • Always craving sugar

  • Easily overwhelmed or irritable

  • Having trouble sleeping

  • Often headachey

  • Suffering from IBS/ bloating

  • Constantly trying not to ‘give in’ to something sweet

  • Lacking creativity

  • Tired, frustrated and unenthusiastic

  • Gaining weight, despite your best efforts

These are the symptoms of blood sugar imbalance, and many of us experience this.

You may have been coping in this state for a long time – just getting through each day. The pandemic is the final straw; it has increased stress levels, and pushed many to the edge of burnout.

Something has to change!

You can’t change COVID, but you can reduce your stress and increase your energy by changing the way you fuel your body.

A few tweaks to what you eat with some practical nutritional guidance mean that you can be:

  • well-nourished

  • more resilient

  • more relaxed

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So you can:

  • feel energised

  • be calmer

  • find your motivation

  • sleep well

  • be able to go 5 hours between meals without feeling hungry

  • not feel desperate for caffeine

  • regain your sense of purpose

You CAN change the way you eat, change the way you feel, change the way you function. It's in your hands. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Would you like to find out more about how you can change what you eat to change how you feel, how you perform and avoid burnout? Book a FREE 30 minute no obligation call with me today.

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