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Forget Calories

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Newsflash: Counting them has never worked.

The calorie equation is based on how much energy is released from different types of food as they’re burnt. It has nothing to do with the way the human body processes food, what happens when we cook the food or how the calories you do consume affect your energy and mood.

Eat more plants

Most fibre can’t be digested and it passes through the digestive tract, escorting a whole lot of bodily toxins with it along the way, and is responsible for that lovely big poo you (hopefully) do every morning.

Because it isn’t digestible, the calories in high fibre foods are not so readily available to the body for absorption, meaning you can eat a whole load of healthy stuff and not absorb so many calories from the food you eat.

This is different to sugar, which is almost totally absorbed.

Eat more protein

Protein is really important in keeping you feeling full. It’s much better than fat or carbs. The reason for this is because it takes longer to digest and requires more energy to break it down and absorb it.

Smoothies are not healthy

They’re much more sugary in their effect than we’re lead to believe! Think about it – smoothies contain blitzed up fruit and fruit juice. In one single smoothie, you might have 3 apples, 2 bananas and a whole mango.

Fruit is much more sugary than vegetables, and have been blitzed up ready to absorb straight into the blood stream.

A plate of salad made of healthy raw foods

Eat more raw foods

Cooking food is one of the reasons cavewomen survived – we used fire to cook our food and made the goodness easier to digest and absorb.

Cooking essentially does some of the work for the digestive system, making the calories easier to access.

Celery is a great example of this stark difference between cooked and raw. A raw stick of celery contains just 6 calories. Cooked, it’s 30!

Mind-blowing, right?

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