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Classic Vinaigrette

The classic vinaigrette recipe with some honey added makes it much more palatable. As your kids become accustomed to eating salad, you can dial back the honey. Starting them on the crispy stem of Kos lettuce is another great way to get them eating lettuce. It’s crunchy & juicy.


In an empty jam jar:

2 tsp mustard – any kind

2cm vinegar – any kind, except malt vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is best if you have it

8cm olive oil – add a dash of walnut or sesame oil if you fancy

Salt & pepper – garlic when you’re more adventurous

Honey to taste

Put it all in the jam jar & shake vigorously. Either serve your salad ‘dressed’, which is where you mix your leaves in the dressing thoroughly or let everyone take their own leaves and add vinaigrette as they wish. Kids love dipping kos stems/ cucumber/ carrots in vinaigrette.

Vinaigrette keeps for ages in the fridge, so I always make a full jar to use through the week – it’s a good way to get that 30ml (2 tbs) of olive oil a day we need to protect our cardiovascular systems. You may find the oil & vinegar separate over time & it needs a shake again.

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