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"I've been really good (at depriving myself of the things I love to eat), I deserve a treat

Feeling deprived of eating the food you enjoy is a reason for ditching the diet and having a good old binge on the things you'd told yourself you'd never be eating ever again. Ever.

"I've been really good, I deserve a treat" - I've been SO good, I deserve to eat something really, really bad, then I'll feel bad, so I'll end up eating even more of the bad stuff...

You know that old vicious circle?

I do. Very well indeed.

That's why I never ever put anyone on a diet - it's a bout a healthy eating plan for life. If you like an indulgence from time to time, that's fine - we all need that. We just need to find a way to build it in so you don't go mad with deprivation and sack off your healthy eating plan.

Here's my best recipe for chocolate brownies that are delicious & on track.

Once you've made them, slice and freeze. Just defrost one the day you're going to indulge. Make a big deal of it. That means don't eat it standing at the kitchen sink. No, no, no. You need to savour every last molecule of this chocolate brownie if you're going to derive maximum satisfaction from it.

Enjoy the sight - on a beautiful plate, scattered with berries and perhaps a dollop of greek yoghurt. Sprinkle with cacao powder if you want to go to town. Pull up a chair, and eat with a fork and a napkin (maybe I'm sad, but ironed napkins don't half make me happy!). Build the anticipation before you eat it. Salivate. Mmmmm....

Eat it slowly. No distractions. No TV, talking, reading or anything but chocolate brownie. Experience it. Slowly. When you're done eating, assess how satisfied you are. Can you still taste it in your mouth?

Plan your next chocolate brownie eating event - once a week should be enough to enjoy and stay on track.


  • 100g dark chocolate [70% cocoa]

  • 50g finely chopped into chips

  • 150g coconut oil, butter or dairy free margarine

  • 100g xylitol

  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed

  • 4 large eggs [free-range or organic, beaten]

  • 150g ground almonds

  • 2tsp vanilla extract

  • 2tsp baking powder

  • 25g cocoa powder

  • 200g hazelnuts, chopped


  • Preheat oven at 180˚. Line a 22cm square baking tin with baking paper

  • Melt 100g of chocolate over a bain marie or in the microwave

  • Cream the coconut oil, butter or margarine and xylitol until soft and fluffy, beat together the chocolate, bananas, beaten eggs and vanilla extract then stir in the chocolate chips, ground almond, baking powder, cocoa powder and chopped hazelnuts.

  • Pour the mixture into the prepared tins and bake for around 20 minutes or until the mixture no longer wobbles. Do not over bake as the mixture will lose its softness.

  • Leave to cool and cut into slices for serving

Makes 12

If you want to know more about how to enjoy chocolate brownies and lose weight, book a complimentary call with me now

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