never diet again, ever 

eat real food – with your family

never feel hungry

fit into your clothes and love your wardrobe

increase your energy

love your body

sound good?

I’ve designed a one-to-one programme especially for you.

It is not a diet. It’s about understanding healthy eating and how to balance your body chemistry so you don’t crave rubbish. It’s about understanding your food mindset, eating habits and creating new healthier, sustainable ones while eating family-friendly, real food. No exclusions, no fads, no shakes, no meal replacements, just delicious, real food.

Why is the programme so successful?

Because it’s combined with coaching. Coaching is the missing ingredient in weight loss. It enables you to truly understand for yourself your personal barriers to weightloss, and enables you to find (for yourself) the strength to make the changes you need to get where you want to be: a slim, confident, body-loving (yes, really) new you – for the rest of your life!

Yvonne, Coventry

“After the first session with Sara, during which she gave me some ‘lightbulb moment’ advice,  it was clear why I wasn't losing weight, despite strictly following a well-known slimming plan for two plus years. In the first week of following Sara’s programme I dropped 8lbs and didn't feel hungry, and have since lost a further 1 and half stone. I feel stronger, calmer, energised and lighter in body and spirit.”

If you’re serious about transforming your body, your relationship with food and your life once and for all, book your free 30 minute Zoom call now and get started.