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naturopathy & coaching

Naturopathy is a whole-person approach, taking into account the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person and their life. Naturopathy is based on the principle that the body will heal itself, given the right circumstances. My job is to enable those circumstances using some or all of the following tools:

food intolerance testing

lifestyle advice

nutritional advice and food supplements

herbal medicine


meditation and relaxation techniques

Everything we do together is underpinned by coaching, which enables you to put into place lasting lifestyle changes that transform your goals from a wish into reality and help you to be well. Really well. From the inside out.

herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is as old as the hills, and is the basis of most drugs prescribed by doctors. The difference lies in how they are used: I am looking to identify and treat the root cause, rather than merely suppressing symptoms.

I am an energetic herbalist, which means I use the Western medical perspective, but also the Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic too. Using these systems together allows me to be much more precise in my prescriptions and where one perspective fails to understand the root cause, the other often provides sound reasoning.


Kinesiology is an exciting assessment tool using muscle testing to unravel complicated health conditions and get to the root cause. The scope of kinesiology is enormous and results are powerful.

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