yvonne . coventry

On my first visit to Sara,

I reeled off a long list of health concerns, including insomnia, lack of energy/fatigue, skin issues, and weight.
Sara listened carefully to my outpourings, did a food intolerance test, and with her experienced and knowledgeable assessment, prescribed a mixture and supplements, as well as 'lightbulb moment' advice.
I went home not really knowing how successful this would be, but followed instructions. That night I had the best nights sleep in months. IN the first week I dropped 8lbs without feeling hungry and have since lost a further 1 ½ stone. I feel stronger, calmer, energised and lighter in body and spirit. I’m just starting my journey to better health and it’ll take commitment, but I know I won’t get lost as I have Sara’s guidance. Thank you Sara, you’re wonderful.

lynne simpson . rugby

"I thought I was going to get bronchitis like I do every year, but I didn't, after taking the herbs - it was amazing!"

sarah b . southam

“The herbs Sara gave me were worth their weight in gold. I improved 80% within a month.”

mary scarle . warwickshire

"I am so very grateful to Sara for finding a natural solution to dreadful menopausal symptoms. Thank goodness I haven't had to take HRT"

sue ford . lemington spa

"I'm amazed... I can't even remember my last hot flush. It's wonderful, such a lovely feeling."

case study

James, aged 2 had eczema in his knee and elbow creases since he was 18 months old. It was dry, flaky and very red, with deep cracks. His parents had used Hydrocortisone cream, which did clear it, but it kept returning when they stopped.

I suspected a food intolerance and suggested removing the foods from James' diet, along with a couple of child-friendly supplements. We also discussed his skin-care and I recommended a steroid-free cream to keep in case of flare-ups. 

A month later, his elbows showed only two small spots in each crease. The skin was not so flaky or red. The next month James' left elbow was totally clear, and the right elbow and knees showed only a slight redness. He hadn't been scratching at all and had only had one flare-up. By the fourth month, James had no visible eczema.

gs, london

“My periods were so bad I used to have to take time off work... now I am pain and painkiller-free.”

js, coventry

“Sara, you’ve opened doors for me that I didn’t even know were there. Thank you.”

case study

Annabel was diagnosed with IBS after being hospitalised with crippling pain, aged 31. She experienced constipation or explosive diarrhoea. Her energy was low, she had very painful periods, was low emotionally, and very stressed. She had regular panic attacks.

I suggested some dietary changes, gave her a herbal tincture, and some flower remedies, together with breathing exercises and affirmations. 

A month later, she said she was “much, much better”. She was stronger emotionally, more energetic and had had no diarrhoea at all. Her period pain had been manageable. 

At our next meeting, Annabel said she was coping really well. She described her last period as “fantastic, really easy”, she had not had a single panic attack and she was having a good bowel movement every day.

brenda newall . redditch

"I consulted Sara Southgate to improve my general health.

I suffered regularly from chest infections, low energy and painful joints. As a result of the consultations with Sara and the herbal treatments my health is much improved. My immune system is in balance and I have not had a chest infection since commencing the treatment. I am now able to maintain a high energy level with a greatly reduced pain level."

adam . lemington spa

"You’ve helped me sleep really well, and establish some really healthy habits. Thanks Sara"

case study

Amy came to see me when she was 43, with a long history of headaches and fatigue. She was also concerned she wasn't eating the right things. She experienced weekly headaches, and migraine headaches fortnightly, sometimes vomiting throughout the night. She was exhausted and rated her energy levels 4 out of 10.

I gave Amy a herbal tincture to take. When she returned a month later, she had had only one migraine that month. She had felt the beginnings of a headache a few times, but was fine after some water and an early night. She was delighted! Her energy levels had increased to 7 or 8, and she was sleeping better. 

At our second appointment, Amy reported no headaches, and had made some positive changes to her diet, as well as beginning a yoga class. Two months later, Amy was sleeping “extremely well”, had plenty of energy and no headaches at all.

case study
menstrual problems

Jane was 50 and came to me after her doctor recommended a hysterectomy for her heavy and painful menstruation. Her situation was serious: she had been bleeding continuously for three months. During her periods, she bled so heavily she could not be away from her home for even one hour, or sleep through the night.

She also experienced severe pre-menstrual symptoms. Jane was tired, anaemic and prone to nausea and dizziness. 

After three weeks of taking the herbal medicine I prescribed, Jane's bleeding stopped, her energy had increased and she was sleeping better. Her periods were much improved, with no flooding, and no problems leaving the house, and she was able to sleep through the night.

" I feel a hundred times better already"
Brenda on her second visit