intelligent health, energy and weightloss

the only naturopath-led weekly wellbeing group in Warwickshire, where health comes first and weightloss is a happy side-effect. It’s fun, friendly and it works!

Opening up a whole new world of wellbeing every week.

I’ve designed a a naturopath weekly wellbeing group just for you.

From weekly body composition analysis to daily Facebook group support. Everything you need and more to get you on the right track.

group success

94% lost weight

100% have more energy

63% reported less irritability

50% said their skin was less dry

67% have improved sleep

100% reported better health

intelligent health, energy and weightloss includes
  • weekly body composition analysis

  • weekly wellbeing topic (stress, digestive health, emotional eating, body image)

  • daily Facebook group support

  • coaching to enable habit change (those who are coached are 80% more likely to achieve their goals)

  • 60 minute introductory video

'excellent results'
'no cravings'

“Everything is explained really clearly and backed up by science. I’m really being educated so making the right choice is easy.”  Naomi Chard

“I really like the body composition print-outs and the group dynamics and sharing of ideas. The psychology aspect is key.” Katharine Giblin

“I like that this is not a crazy diet. It’s really good for my self-esteem. Coming every week keeps me motivated and on track.” Esther Allen

 “my latest HbA1c glycated haemoglobin test score has dropped from 49 to 40, which means I'm no longer classed as diabetic! Yay! I'm delighted & must thank you for the progress I am making” Rob Aston

“The time goes in a flash. It’s changed my whole way of thinking to make myself healthy. The secret is in the wellbeing.” Sam Back

“I just wanted to thank you wellbeing group for the amazing support and encouragement. It really means a lot and was a huge boost to my confidence and self esteem. A special Thank You to Sara, the group has achieved what I could not do alone.” Margaret Baker