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"I've got so much energy now I'm running up the stairs. I haven't done that for ages" Tony Eaves


"Food no longer controls me and I no longer obsess about it. 45 years as a chocoholic are behind  me." Caroline Peall


"The stuff you teach could reverse the obesity trend, if only people knew it they wouldn't struggle with their weight." Helen Eaves

"Thank you Sara, this has been life-changing." Mary Rhymes

I'm done with short-term

plans that don't work


Put me on the

priority list now

For less than the cost of a daily Starbucks or your gym membership

  • This is not just weight loss, this is intelligent weight loss

  • No more starving yourself on weigh-in day. No more synthetic, factory-made cheat foods

  • No more diet mentality

  • Just real food, real knowledge and real work on your mindset and habits

  • Work on the beliefs you carry that get in the way of you moving forward, on the language you use and on the way you talk to yourself, on the way you use food to cope with life

if you're serious about making permanent change and losing weight, for life, get your name on the priority list now and get ready to lose body fat consistently. Don't wait until you've doubled the damage!

success stories from current groups
  • 94% lost body fat - up to 13-22llbs in 10 weeks

  • 100% have more energy

  • 63% reported less irritability

  • 50% said their skin was less dry

  • 67% have improved sleep

  • 100% reported better health

family friendly
real food
mindset work & coaching
Feel Fantastic

this is not a diet - it's a way of eating for life; this is not about weight loss, but about changing your body composition to lose fat and gain muscle; this is about understanding yourself and changing your mindset to one that works with you, not against you; this is about creating healthy habits and breaking the ones that don't work; this is not about temporary change - this is about finding a permanent fix for life; weekly group meetings delivered by sara southgate BSc. ND, Dip Herb, naturopath and health coach; helping you to be well since 2003.

it's fun, it's friendly and it works

understand how to fuel your body properly

learn how to shift your body OUT of fat STORAGE mode, INTO fat BURNING mode

education is key: once you have the knowledge, you will never unlearn it.

we do the work to clear mental blocks that get in the way of us being the way we deserve to be

 “I'm no longer classed as diabetic! Yay! I'm delighted & must thank you for the progress I am making” Rob

what are the benefits of becoming a member?

Feel Fantastic is for you if

  • You’ve done every diet going and nothing works

  • You blame yourself for your failure – you’ve no willpower

  • You’re just don’t know what to eat anymore, and can’t stop thinking about food

Feel Fantastic is NOT for you if

  • You’re looking for a quick fix

  • You’re not interested in changing your habits so they work for you, not against you

  • You want to stay in guilt and shame-based diet mentality

  • You’re not interested in changing your habits so they work for you, not against you

Feel Fantastic provides:

  • small groups to allow personal attention

  • monthly themes: stress less, silence your inner critic, the power of positivity, nutrition, boost your fat loss, 

  • supportive environment and private Facebook group, just for you

  • lose weight and keep it off for life!

  • more energy than you ever thought possible!

  • loads of recipes

  • Online Programme





I need a proper solution

put me on the priority list now

If you're serious about transforming your body, and your relationship with food, register for the priority list now, then you can relax knowing you have a plan and will be seriously lighter and healthier soon! Don't leave it!
interested but have questions? book a free 30 minute call with Sara and get them answered
  • weight loss and lifestyle changes are always easier with a friend or two in tow

  • invite your friends to join you on your mission to lose weight intelligently and gain a new mindset, a new you starting now!