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Is this you...?


  • Constantly gaining weight

  • Stuck in an endless yo-yo

  • Feel like you've got no willpower

  • Avoiding social occasions

  • Feel miserable, embarrassed, judged, ashamed

  • Exhausted by starting again, only to fail

  • Afraid to try again

  • Tired ALL the time

  • Hungry ALL the time

  • Find dieting hard & boring

  • Stressed & confused about food

  • Telling yourself you don't care, but you really do

    Yep, that was me too

It's Rubbish

That diet you're following is creating

 A Perfect Storm Of Weight GAIN

You NEED to understand why so you can stop the

endless, miserable yoyo cycle

“If everybody knew what Sara teaches about food and mindset, people really wouldn't struggle with their weight and feeling tired" Helen Eaves, Warwick

You cannot fight against your biology

The answer lies in working with it, balancing your blood sugar, balancing your hormones and
changing the way you
feel about yourself - body and mind

“Working with Sara is life-changing. I am seeing changes in the way I eat and my weight… but also in the way I see myself" Sam Back, Coventry


Transform your understanding of food,

health and weight gain in

a free training session

Thursday 24th October 7-8pm

Places are limited.

What have you got to lose?

Don't wait until January

You could be 10lbs lighter by Christmas!

“I’ve lost weight, completely decaffeinated myself. I’m sleeping better, suffer less with my arthritis and my mood is much better.”

Diana Fallowes, Leamington

“I'm  no longer diabetic - in less than 3 months! "  

Rob Aston, Warwick

“My cravings went completely - after a week!! I lost 16lbs body fat over 10 weeks. I'm delighted." 

Jane Hunt, Solihull


About Sara

Naturopath and Health Coach

BSC, ND, Dip Herb, Dip Class K, MURHP, MANP

Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME using natural medicines inspired me to train as a Naturopath 20 years ago.
Losing the excess weight I'd always carried  led me to create Feel Fantastic Programme in 2017.
I am on a mission: a slim, healthy, energetic, educated you!
The Naturopath in me is an educator:giving you knowledge so you can make the right choices.
The Coach in me is the enabler: helping you access your own inner wise voice, supporting you to get what you want from your health and your life; turning your dreams into your reality.
It’s miles apart from doing things because you feel you should and it’s the reason why my approach is so effective.