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helping your workforce to work well is the key focus of my bespoke corporate wellness packages
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Making your workforce well can help reduce absenteeism, and staff turnover, which together cost the UK £25.9bn each year

(Sainsbury Centre 2007).

Only 14% of UK employees are fully engaged with their work.

(Towers Watson Global Workforce Survey 2007).

Increasing investment in good workplace practices relating to engagement by just 10% would increase profits by £1,500 per employee per year. 

(IES/ Work Foundation. People and the Bottom Line. 2008)

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Feedback collated one month after my stress workshop showed reduced stress, more energy and improved sleep among participants, who also reported they had made lasting changes and would recommend the workshop to a colleague.

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On average each absent employee costs you £760.

Let us educate your workforce to manage their stress, exercise, aches and pains, and diet.

Encouraging a well-nourished & pain-free workforce creates resilient, reliable, productive and engaged staff.

Invest in your business, not in illness.

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This workshop focussed on practical strategies to reduce stress and looked at food - what and when to eat, herbal medicine - what works, supplementation - which supplements to take for stress and quick relaxation techniques.


The feedback collected one month later showed that the participants:

  • said the workshop has been of lasting benefit

  • would recommend the workshop to a friend or colleague

  • were inspired to make changes following the workshop

  • experienced reduced levels of stress as a result

  • had more energy

  • were sleeping better

wright hassell

A well-received lunchtime seminar for Wright Hassall solicitors covering the basics of good nutrition, focusing in detail on how to maintain energy and concentration throughout the day and reduce stress using eating strategies.

All participants rated the seminar 'very good' or 'excellent'.

  • "All of it was very good. Learnt some new things!"

  • "Some useful tips."

action for children

100% of participants said that the seminar had fulfilled, or exceeded their expectations. 90% rated the seminar 'very good' or 'excellent'.

Some comments from participants:

  • "It made me think about how what I eat can add to my stress levels."

  • "It was all very useful. I liked the info on which foods to eat for energy."

  • "I most valued trying a meditation for the first time."

  • "The meditation was good."

  • "It was too short!"


"The feedback about your session was positive."

Olwyn Ditchburn MBE, Manager Leamington and Warwick Children's Centres

centro summer seminar
94% of participants rated the seminar 'good' or
'excellent' and also said:

"Excellent presenter and very informative workshop."

"I enjoyed the interaction with the presenter."

"Information really useful."

"Full of info and informal."

"Very relevant to me and very informative."

"Good information."

"Friendly and interesting."

"Could have listened for longer."

"Sara coped really well with questions during her presentation."

jenny duffy . HR business manager

"Just had a look at the feedback and it looks excellent. I'm really pleased with the reaction."

bally heera . HR business manager

"It is really good to read that the staff have found your session really useful. Thank you again."

100% of participants said they learnt something new, found the information useful and planned to change their behaviour as a result of the attending the seminar.