I’ve helped hundreds of women to feel really well, from the inside out.

I'm 100% committed to helping you feel this way too.

I would love to work with you and help you to be your best. Here's how:

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Struggling with a uncomfortable symptoms? Test results normal but still suffering? Don't know where to turn for help?

This programme is to help you:

  • regain your health & optimum wellness

  • enjoy 3-5 hours more energy each day

  • increase your self-confidence

  • improve mood, feel happier, enjoy life more

  • de-stress your life

  • look great, feel amazing

Health programmes are 12 weeks and the content depends on your current health and what you want to achieve. It will typically include:

  • intial consultation

  • full health screen

  • food intolerance test

  • personalised health improvement plan (supplements and/ or herbal medicine)

  • relaxation techniques

  • follow-up consultations

  • laser coaching calls

  • mindset work

  • food diary feedback

  • current medication and herbal medicine interaction evaluation where applicable

Sick and tired of dieting and restriction? Done 'every' diet under the sun? Want to eat real food with your family?

This programme is to help you:

  • never diet again

  • lose weight, look great, feel fantastic

  • fast, healthy weight loss

  • feel slim and full of energy again

  • regain your self-confidence

  • deal with your 'inner critic'

  • overcome self-sabotage

This programme isn't just about what you eat and what happens on the scales! Although the right eating plan and monitoring is important, the mindset, accountability and coaching elements of this programme are the things that make it uniquely successful. 

A typical 6 week weight loss programme may include:

  • initial consultation

  • coaching sessions - face-to-face or Skype

  • food intolerance test

  • mindset work

  • food diary feedback

  • menu planning advice

  • delicious recipes

  • private Facebook group

  • body stats analysis, incl body fat % & muscle mass

signature programme

a structured programme of appointments, together we will make you feel fantastic, naturally!


You know what you want, and are committed to following a personalised plan to get you there. 

silver programme

you are busy looking after everyone else, spinning lots of plates.


There isn't much time in your life to look after you.

You are ready to take back control of your health and weight.

You CAN feel fantastic!

This is your time!

VIP complete health

For busy professionals

Flexibility is key for you

You know how you want to feel and need dedicated, bespoke support to show you exactly how to get there

Fully energised,

at the top of your game, unphased and strong

your vitality is your USP

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