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Stay on Track
Feel Really Well, In Body And Mind


that wonderful way of eating that makes you feel like yourself again

MONTHLY support for past members only

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Remember how brilliant you felt?

  • Losing body fat steadily each week

  • Fitting in to that special dress

  • Being complimented

  • Full of energy

  • Feeling like you can do ANYTHING!

  • Falling in love with yourself again

  • Feeling fully supported

You already know that

  • You can't lose weight if your blood sugar is not balanced

  • You can't lose weight if your hormones are all over the place

  • Weight loss is hard when you're doing it on your own

  • It's harder to stay on track with no accountability

  • Weight loss is not about vanity - it's about health!

You Already Know That...

You cannot fight against your biology

The answer lies in working with it, balancing your blood sugar, balancing your hormones and
changing the way you
feel about yourself - body and mind

All You Need Is That Little Bit of Extra Support and Focus

To Help You Stay On Track


Embed Those Healthy Habits

come back to....

Intelligent Weight Loss Logo.png
  • A support programme with your health at its heart

  • Where education and understanding are key

  • Where members lose, on average 13-17lbs body fat over 10 weeks

  • Where members start to feel differently about their bodies, and themselves

  • Where mindset and coaching lead to permanent change

  • Where the food is family-friendly, quick to prepare and delicious


  • 6 x 1.5 hour group sessions 

  • Low Glycaemic Load eating plan

  • Private Facebook support group

  • Monthly body composition analysis

  • 10 page Kickstart handout 

  • 54 page food plan 

  • 8 week meal plan

  • Sara's 16 years experience facilitating long-term change (priceless!)

    all for £149

    first Tuesday of each month from : 6th August 7-8.30pm in Leamington Spa 

6 month

support option



limited time limited places book now

my guarantee

this is about lasting change

this programme is about transforming your health, weight and mindset

I am confident this programme will get you the results you want 

if you follow all of the steps and don't get a result, I'll refund your money 


what have you got to lose?

real results

“My cravings have gone completely. I lost 16llbs of body fat over 10 weeks”

Janet Haine, Solihull

“After 10 weeks, I'm no longer diabetic! Yay!”

Rob A, Leamington

“I’ve completely decaffeinated myself. I’m sleeping better, suffer less with my arthritis and my mood is much better.”

Diana Fallowes, Leamington

“In just 4 weeks my pain levels are down significantly. I’ve lost weight and got more energy too.”

Jojo Norris, Leamington

“You have helped me not just to eat well, but to change my work-life balance for the better.” Moira B

“Working with Sara is life-changing. I am seeing changes in the way I eat and my weight… but also in the way I see myself”

Sam Back, Coventry


Intelligent Weight Loss Logo.png