12-week online programme

starting 30th January

Now you know!

  • Eating 'healthily' is not the same as eating to balance your hormones and blood sugar

  • You can't lose weight if your blood sugar is not balanced

  • You can't lose weight if your hormones are all over the place

  • Weight loss is not about vanity - it's about health!

  • You need a different approach

“Food no longer controls me and I no longer obsess about it."

Caroline Peall


To Balance Your Hormones

& Your Blood Sugar

so you can

Shed That Weight

Once and For All
Feel Really Well

In Body And Mind

In a programme with a money-back guarantee!


“In just 4 weeks, my pain levels are down significantly, I've lost weight and have more energy too."

Jojo Norris, Leamington

Join Feel Fantastic Online now and:

  • Come on a journey to real health through food and gentle holistic living, with a focus on improving energy, losing weight and learning to stress less 

  • Learn to slow down, take time to nurture yourself

  • You want to learn how to use food and lifestyle practices as preventative medicine

  • Balance your hormones gently

  • Change the habits of a lifetime, and replace with healthy, positive habits

  • You know the right mindset is key to your success

With Feel Fantastic Online:

  • Private Feel Fantastic Online Facebook Group

  • Weekly Live training/ Q&As

  • Coaching to create awareness and change in you

  • Responsive support 

  • Weekly accountability

  • Discover foods you are intolerant to

  • Sara's 16 years experience facilitating long-term change


  • Blood Sugar Balancing & Hormone balancing seasonal eating plan

  • Shopping list

  • Family-friendly, quick, delicious recipes

  • Food & Mood diary to fill out

  • Feel Fantastic weight loss and health symptom trackers

  • Fantastic Mind Maps​​

"In the first week, I dropped 8lbs without feeling hungry and have since lost a further 1.5 stone. I feel stronger, calmer, energised and lighter in body and spirit. I’m just starting my journey to better health and it’ll take commitment, but I know I won’t get lost as I have Sara’s guidance.

Thank you Sara, you’re wonderful." Yvonne B, Warwickshire

All for just

£449 £249 single payment or

£99 a month for 3 months

Places are limited - Don't Miss Out

“Sara has opened doors for me that I never knew were there." JS, Coventry

My Guarantee

  • This is about lasting change: YOUR lasting change

  • ​This programme is about transforming your health, hormones, weight and mindset

  • I am confident this programme will get you the results you want 

  • If you follow all of the steps for 12 weeks and don't get a result, I'll refund your money

  • What have you got to lose?

All for just 

£449 £249 single payment or

£99 a month for 3 months

Places are limited - Don't Miss Out